Independent Living Services for Teens

Without mentoring and support nearly half of all youth transitioning from foster care to adulthood will be in trouble within one year. ILP seeks to help these youth develop life skills essential for responsible adulthood.

Imagine what it’s like for youth aging out of foster care. Exciting? Yes. But for many it is overwhelming. They may not know how to find and keep a job, stay in school, find a place to live, manage money, cook nutritious food, or how to handle an emergency. They may not know where they will spend their birthday or Christmas.

ILP offers teens one-on-one and group skill-building classes; mentoring to graduate High School or achieve a GED; needs assessments and individual plan development; opportunities to experience community events, camps and gatherings; assistance with education funding paperwork and procedures; assistance with housing paperwork and processes; cooking classes; money management classes; and, skill-building for job searches and resume writing.